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New World of Rope 7: Uniform Shame Shibari

School Uniform Shame Bondage (制服羞恥縛り) Nureki Chimuo in number 7 of Cinemagic’s New World of Rope series, featuring models Kohsaka Yurie and Minou Nagisa.  This one is subtitled “School Uniform Shame Bondage” and explores traditional semenawa and shame rope with both schoolgirl and nurse uniform play.  59 Mins.

Rope Woman Gone Too Far

In this beautiful video, Yukimura Haruki ties model Miyama Maki ( 深山真希 ). This video highlights the classical beauty of Japanese clothing and settings combined with Yukimura’s signature style of rope. For anyone looking to learn more about rope and Japanese eroticism, this is an amazing video to watch, learn from and analyze.

Yukimura Haruki: A Different Look

Of all the traditional rope artists, Yukimura Haruki was probably best known for his minimalist style. Specializing in one rope ties and using them to amazing erotic effect, Yukimura became the master of aibu no nawa, or the caressing style of rope. Earlier in his career, he experimented with a number of other approaches. Though […]

Haruyio (Himuro Eve): Yukimura Ryuu Video

This is the first video of a new series released by Van Associates, featuring the kinbaku of Yukimura’s students.  The title “Keisho Kinbaku” can be translated as “successor kinbaku” and demonstrates each bakushi’s understanding and application of Yukimura Haurki’s unique approach to shibari. Vol.1 focuses on Himuro Eve aka Haruyoi (春宵) and the director was […]