Learn Shibari from Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki.

Yukimura Haruki: Secrets of Shibari
This video is the last work produced by Yukimura sensei and features the basic components of Yukimura ryuu. This is also the first how to video from Yukimura to feature English interpretation by someone who has worked closely with Yukimura for years as a translator and interpreter for countless lessons. In this 90 minute video, you will learn multiple versions of Yukimura’s hands in front tie, his gote (hands behind the back tie), several “fast rope” and “rope play” tied and three floor based partial suspensions (the “beast” tie, one leg partial suspension, and the open leg tie).

These elements form the foundation of Yukimura’s unique style and provide the basics for a lifetime of study, learning, and play.

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